Sunday, February 7

A sweet note

I'm still here...just a little busier than usual filling orders from Folksy. The response has been great and I'm off out to the workshop after this to finish off two more birds to be sent to their new homes.

I had a wonderful card the other day from the new owners of one of my singing lovebirds. It was bought for them by their daughter. The card had a really beautiful linocut by Robert Gillmor on it (not actually pictured - sorry, no time for scanning tonight!).

I am a big fan of his work (and would love to do a course in linocutting myself in the future when time and money are a bit more plentiful). As you can imagine, I was even more delighted when I opened the card, to see that it was in fact from Robert Gillmor, and along with some very kind words, he had very sweetly drawn a picture of his kitchen window with my bird in-situe .


  1. Wow that's such a great thank you card. How lovely, and what beautiful cards too. Lx

  2. How exciting!! We love Robert Gillmor's beautiful prints and actually stock some of his lovely greeting cards.

  3. How wonderful Flora. I am a great fan of his work too.