Friday, January 29

The week so far...

World domination edges ever closer to Through The Round Window! Not one, but two mentions in the Blogosphere. First came this nice little nod from I Love Handmade followed closely by this beautiful photo on Peonies & Polaroids. That totally made my day. She is so ludicrously talented, stylish, funny, eloquent, generally-all-round-sorted and (here comes the really painful bit) only 24.

And stuff has been selling! My Items You've Sold page at Folksy is looking pretty impressive!

Random people are e-mailing me just to say they like my work! Isn't that nice of them!

Anyway, I'll stop now. Next week will probably be really quiet and I'll wonder what the hell I'm actually doing all over again. But for now I shall head towards the weekend in a little bubble of contentment.

Oh, and I've listed a couple more birds in the shop. I was pleased with the way this picture turned out.


  1. Good for you Flora. Your work is lovely and people appreciate that. Don't you just hate it when people are clever, talented and young...sigh?

  2. well done you and well deserved you too,
    links not quite right , both link to same page but
    your allowed not be perfect in everything!
    hope that world domination thing works out well for you.

  3. I'm not surprised you're getting such lovely comments. The birds are just beautiful! L x

  4. Greetings, oh great one. I love your picture. Is looks like three of your baby birds carefully positioned on a window with a real bare branch outside for that authentic 'singing their hearts out in a tree' look. But maybe it isn't. I like the idea of intricate stained glass/ real nature windowscapes.

  5. Ah, yes, thanks for that Elaine...well spotted eagle eyes.

    Mise, they were carefully positioned on a branch that my friend's 3 year old dragged home with us the other day, on top of the lightbox. Then lashings of Photoshop.

  6. I'm not surprised as your birds are lovely. Great photo!

  7. beautiful and well deserved (please apply to the right bit!) glad you are selling!