Monday, January 11

A few of my favourite (wintery) things

Well, snow, of course.

Then there's this gorgeous Alphabet Flash Card set by Lisa De John that small daughter received for Christmas (she is desperate to keep up with her older sister on all things, reading being no exception)

All the cards are a delight (some of the animals are rather curious - Narwhal anyone?) but my favourite is this fox-in-the-snow (where do you go to find something you can eat? - oblique Belle and Sebastian reference. Sorry, i'll stop ponceing around now...)

They're available from a little bookshop I know

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a great Czech children's animation - maybe it's massively famous and I'm late to the party, but anyway, it's called Little Mole and it's so beautifully animated and designed. I love finding good stuff for the kids to watch - makes me feel a bit less guilty about their tv consumption. There's plenty of episodes to see on Youtube, but this one seemed most apt.

Lastly, I had such an amazing find the other day. A beautiful hand-knitted Fairisle cardigan in jolly Norwegian red, white and navy. With such cute buttons (not seen in picture alas). For £1.25. Swoooon. I think Isla looks possibly more adorable than I've ever seen her when she wears it. Especially when she falls asleep on her teddy while I'm cooking tea. (Older daughter is faking, rather convincingly).

So taken with it was I, that I turned up at the Womens Institute cake-jam-and-knitted-goodies stall on Saturday (a weekly event in my town) and pleaded whether anyone knew who might have made it....between us we tracked down the author and so now I am in the process of buying some yarn for a larger one to be made for Nelly. I will be furnishing you with the photos of the matching cardies in due course. I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats.

(P.S. Can I apologise for being a bit absent lately. Loads going on, including building work, which means the electricity is a bit on/off. Thanks to everyone who's popped by and commented - and I'm looking forward to catching up on my favourite blogs properly as soon as it's all sorted)


  1. The flash cards looks lovely - great find there - and no, I hadn't seen the animation. I'll be showing it to Miles tonight :)

  2. That fine cardie is going to utterly boost your good motherhood credentials when you're out around town, especially when they both have one. Everyone will assume you made them yourself. I'd say the only way forward from there would be to wear a three-tier cake-stand on your head.

  3. Good point Mise. I shall of course take all credit for them. Practicing with a 2 tier cake stand now...will try 3 tiers tomorrow.

  4. At my age I am perfectly capable of reading but I have no children, is it wrong that I want those flash cards?

  5. sorry to interrupt your vital cake stand walking practise , lovely stuff there and how amazing that you could find knitter of cardi just like that!
    so thats what the wi in wikipedia stands for !

  6. iris has that self same cardi! i was worried for a moment that i had left it somewhere, i'm pretty sure i haven't, but i'll be checking first thing in the morning. she also has a tank top in the same pattern which i commissioned! if one comissions from the WI! let's get all three of them matching together, the fair isle army cometh!