Tuesday, November 3

Why thank you...

...Beth Foster (you know, her from The Linen Cat) not only for your patronage, and the very kind words on your blog, but also for giving me an award! I'd like to pretend I'm far too cool to care about such things, but well, I'm not, and I do.

Here are some of the gorgeous soft toys and lavender bags she makes...she has such a good eye for a snazzy fabric...

Go on, you know you want to visit her shop...


  1. Thanks for such a lovely write-up Flora. Your too cool to care made me laugh, I usually have a blanket ban on passing along chain anything (emails, letters, even the ones that are funny or nice ones) but I also was quite chuffed someone had thought of me which is why I passed it on, just this once!

  2. Look, the tree on the teddy has charming little birds, a naive style, and elements of blue..

  3. you're right! well spotted eagle eyes.

  4. is it wrong to be in abject love with a fabric ? if not ....that is how i feel about little linen cats dress ....( i almost wrote fell instead of feel, freudian slip . i feel in love with. ../ i fell in love with ....freudian .slip /freudian fell ...!!!!!!.) could someone get me off this computer PLEAS /PLEASE