Sunday, November 22


I've been prattling on about a cow panel I've been working on for a few weeks now. I finished it a little while ago, but various things have prevented me from doing the big ta-daah...finally, here it is:

It's a partner for Cockerel #3 which looked like this:

The cockerel was commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift, and the recipients were so pleased with it they wanted to have a cow as well (they are cattle farmers).

I really loved designing the cow...they're such adorable creatures aren't they?

Oh, before I go, just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone for the really fantastic feedback on my Folksy Upcycled competition entry. Thanks for taking the time to comment, or favourite or blog/tweet about it...I've been really touched and thrilled that the competition is receiving so much publicity.


  1. Mootastic!
    Sorry I couldn't resist. x

  2. I like it a lot, and would love to have a playroom window with old-fashioned thin metal frame, small panes, and one of your colourful creations in every section. My children could tell their friends they had their very own church.

  3. i really love your work....your glass patterns are so beautifully detailed, really like fabric with the added texture , this is yet again another fantastic piece by the renowned flora may and I so love cows hairstyle!
    to borrow and alter from your father.....moosupial.....