Friday, November 27


I've had some great finds from the charity shops this week...

These! Just look at them! They are making me so ridiculously happy sat on my window sill.

...this glass which is nice enough - actually it looks pretty amazing in the pictures doesn't it - but I'm planning to flatten it in the kiln (fingers crossed - these things don't always go to plan) for future use.

And this oh-so-sweet book (I think it's French originally) about a long-distance friendship between a girl and a boy, which teaches the seasons, months and days of the week along the way.

Not only that, I received my parcel from the She Draws Tea Swap...check it out - I was partnered up with an utterly wonderful girl from Baltimore who works in a tea-store! She sent me about 5 or 6 amazing kinds of tea all beautifully packaged. I felt a bit bad about the rather pedestrian offerings I sent her!

Also this week I've been busy making some Christmassy things for the shop...I'll show you when they're finished.


  1. WHAT FINDS! Can't wait to see the next incarnation of the glass...

  2. It seems to me that I've been missing out on a whole slice of life by not going to charity shops. All that personality waiting to be purchased. Bring on those Christmassy things for the shop, we're all waiting eagerly.

  3. Nice finds:) I recognise the French-inspired book, there's a whole series of these "emilie" books. I love them.

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog! You have certainly found some treasures in the charity shops. That book is gOrGeOuS! X

  5. Great charity finds and very seasonal. Look forward to seeing the glass used in one of your lovely creations. Hope everything goes well.

  6. I'm not very good at charity shops - feel guilt about buying books and thus denying authors their proper earnings and the smell.....

    ...but then I see those pretty glasses. how will you use them?

  7. dying to see how the glass will turn out after the kiln....
    you are very clever
    and love your little santys...are they salt and pepper thingys

  8. No, I think they're nutcrackers - the heads turn a little wooden screw and there's a hole at the back of each of them to insert one's nuts (ooh, and indeed, er, Missus)

    That's an interesting point about books, I'd never thought of it like that Mountaineer. But then if you worried too much about that you'd never lend anyone a book, or go to a second hand bookshop, and what about books that are out of print?

  9. loving you moustachioed fellows! gonna check out that book, looks perfect for my isi and his girlfriend!