Friday, September 18

Tyneham (part 2)

The other place I spent a considerable amount of time was the old school house. Some of the original fixtures and details had been retained.

And the desks had some beautifully hand-painted pictures on them.

The building had a quiet calm about it, as well as a touch of sadness, somehow.

Nelly seemed to make herself at home there though.

Here's what's on my workbench tonight - glass all cut and ready for leading-up (for the front door at the former doctor's surgery)


  1. What a wonderful old school, I adore places like that.Looks as if time stood still.

  2. Flora this is so haunting. What an amazing place I had never heard of it.

  3. thats incredible the building has been left unused and intact since then.....haunting indeed.....
    love the precision of your work....
    photo title option: glasses and glasses

  4. hey, did you get my message? You've won my vintage toy give-away!!! Congratulations!!! Send me an email with your address and I get them off to you asap.

  5. Hey, your posts just are beautiful - you are turning pro-blogger! Lovely photos. the place reminded me of somewhere I visited as a child but no idea where - lovely memory link though...

  6. hola!!!l read at kickacan and conkers! that you are the winner of her give l came to know you!!! that school is incrdible lovely !!!!!and your blog is lovely too!!!!!bye!bye! from buenos aires!!!!!

  7. Hola Ale! Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Umatji - pfff, pro-blogger indeed...I'm flattered, i think...! Hope you and your boys are all well x

  8. wow, i didn't know about tyneham. so interesting, must be a pretty ghostly place. love those musty books. funny how we've done similar posts - when i was at w. plumb i tried to imagine what it would have been like 100 years ago, bustling with customers. so strange.