Monday, September 14

In the woods.

A stolen weekend at one of the finest campsites Purbeck has to offer, set in fairytale woodlands. Now with added shafts of sunlight and dewy mornings.

We woke up...

We looked around us and found shades of green we had forgotten existed...

We ate a hearty breakfast...

And set off through the woods...

Climbing up and up a little track, past storybook trees...

...stopping now and then for little paws to collect fistfuls of treasure...

and arrived at.....

...erm, Canada, seemingly...

Further adventures to follow...

PS nice giveaway over here


  1. Lovely weekend - jealous of your campervan, my kids dream of having one of those! thanks for the mention.

  2. i'll choose my words carefully here, but this all looks splendid! what a superlative way to spend summer's last hurrah!

    (phew, not a lovely or nice in sight - no offence Deborah)

  3. really really nice! that looks like a little piece of heaven.and especially love your campervan,thats a particularly fetching shade of green .

  4. Oh no...I've inadvertently become "The Lovely Police"!

    It was really just meant to be an exercise to boost own limited vocabulary!

    Good use of "fetching" though, elaine!

    Deborah - see me after class ^.^

  5. I have that very same bottle of ketchup in my larder. It's almost as though it's a ticket to your delightful VW campervan life.

  6. Beautiful! Love the colour of the camper van. The best way to camp I think. And yes it does look like Canada! Look forward to seeing the next shots.

  7. I apologise Mistress, I won't do it again. Mother told me I had to watch my Ls and Gs...

  8. Hi Flora,

    Thanks for the creative link that you left on my blog. It is so brilliant and simple, which I love. I am definately going to do some of them tomorrow. Thanks so much. x

  9. How very agreeable! Loving your blog - if you're a fan of Angie Lewin and childens illustrators then you're ok by me!

  10. Oh I so want to be your friend! You not only have a combi which makes W your best friend instantly but you go camping to amazing places and do cool stuff! Makes me here in winter with way too many hankies in use all too jealous!