Sunday, August 23

Finnish things...

I have often been told I look Finnish (and sometimes even Eskimo). Which I've always been very pleased about. Because in my mind, Finland is this fantasy land of magical woods, icy lakes, fabulous folklore, ethereal music and a wealth of creative talent. We're having a serious Moomins moment round my place right now (I didn't really get it as a child, but loving it as an adult).

Then just the other day I came across a designer whose work I've now got such a crush on. In fact, I think it might be love.... Sanna Annukka is a Brighton based designer and illustrator who has recently worked for Marimekko on a range of cups, plates and tea-towels. Oddly enough, I've had one of her cards on my noticeboard for about 5 years that a friend sent to me, which I've become so accustomed to seeing that it hadn't really occurred to me to look and see who it was by.

When I saw an article on her in Coast magazine this month, I went to have a nosy at her website and was surprised to see the card there!

Here's a few more juicy bits of her stuff....


  1. I love this post. Our house is full of Skandinavian design and all our blinds are Marimekko (and I confess to a Moomin crush). The best complement I had was a Finnish girl at a garden party we had last summer who said our house was very Finnish, so thanks for introducing a great designer I hadn't heard of yet. Bx

  2. Mmm, your house sounds delicious.

    My house is full of Skandinavian design too...(ahem)...Ikea

  3. Oh Flora you made me laugh with your last comment. I think we now need to see a photo of you so that we can decide if you do look Finnish or like an eskimo!

  4. love that whole scandinavian aesthetic too! looking forward to seeing your photo! ......i'm really getting that parallel universe thing too.....i especially love capers, roast pine nuts . kings of conveinence and bill oldham. too ..... ...spooky,,,, .......

  5. These are fabulous, so bold and colourful. I love Scandinavian design. I went to the Svenkst Tenn shop in Stockholm a couple of years back and it was heaven!

  6. Great these! I love the owls. Funny I just picked up my copy of Coast from the newsagents today (2 weeks late I know but it's France).