Tuesday, June 9

Birds of a feather / Scenes from my garden

I had a lot of positive response about this bird (which has now sold on Folksy - yay!)

So I'm in the process of creating a whole flock in bright, boiled-sweet colours:

Meanwhile, our garden is looking especially luscious at the moment (and is also teeming with fabulous creepy crawlies to keep the girls entertained for hours):

More excitingly, the cherry tree we only planted this Spring, is bearing the most amazing Disney-esque fruit - red, shiny, plump and JUICY!

It's a shame the same can't be said for the Conference Pear, which looks a little bit sorry for itself with no fruit at all and slightly black tinged leaves :(
We had such high hopes for it too, the blossom was so beautiful back in April:

Finally, I've been spending a lot of time hanging around this blog, not just because she's got a really cool name (heh heh), but for beautiful images like this, this and this. Plus she has possibly the most photogenic pregnant bump I have ever seen!


  1. What a gorgeous, colourful bird - look forward to seeing the rest of the flock!

  2. love those birdies. would love to see more of your process.

  3. Thanks!

    Pics of the next stage coming up in my next post!

  4. What a beautiful bird Flora. No wonder it sold quickly. The new ones are looking good too.