Wednesday, May 6

Oh, whoops...

OK, so I'm a bit green around the gills about all this... but I've just realised that I could get into a whole messy heap of trouble for using other people's images for my Every Day in May project - even if I am bigging them up and linking to their sites. So I'd better stop that right now, if my children want their mummy at home....


  1. Oh no, has somebody objected to you using their images? Surely it's fine as long as you properly accredit it?

  2. True but I will miss your pictures - will you still put links up? I had never heard of any of the artists you mentioned...

  3. Nath - nobody has actually objected (yet!), that's true... but I started looking into the rights and wrongs of using other people's images, and some people DO get a bit huffy about it.

    I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on it actually. Myself, I wouldn't mind if someone used one of my images - as long as they linked back to me (and as long as they were saying nice things about it!)

    I won't take off any more images (unless I'm asked to!) and I'll continue doing the Every Day in May - but I'll just link to the images - I think that's ok.