Tuesday, January 3

Thank You

A few of my favourite Christmas presents...

1) Vintage tea set from my best friend
2) Lisa Jones Beaver Mug from my sister
3) Triple Word Score Scrabble rosette by Sami Teasedale 
(which is from, er, myself... it's a long story)

The kids are back to school tomorrow, and therefore I am back to work.
It has been one of the best Christmas holidays I can think of.
Wonderful times with family and friends, 
non-stop laughter, delicious food, thoughtful presents...

I am left feeling very blessed and grateful.  And full of chocolate.


  1. Oh very nice presents! What super nice tea set and cheery beaver mug. Did you wrap a present to yourself?... I like your style. x

  2. I did indeed! Well, I was wrapping the other 4 and got carried away. I even wrote a gift tag saying To Flora love Flora x

  3. ooh i love a rosette. been doing some rosette action myself recently. and gorgeous rabbit tea set. happy new year poppet! x

  4. That's it I am now always going to gift tag presents to myself, that is brilliant. I've just made myself one may have to wrap it. Ah yes happy new year ladies!

  5. Ah lovely, what a fab post, gorgeous pressies! I love your tea set, and I can totally relate to bestest Christmas ever :) May the loveliness continue well into 2012! happy & healthy times ahead!:)x